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  • Stiles and Hooker

    Self editable, full screen graphic rich site.

    Designed to reflect the values and innovation of the client. The use of bold imagery shows the clients work off effectively.

  • Sports Safari

    Online Retail

    An online shop linked to POS system to ensure stock is updated quickly and easily. Bright and colourful to reflect the company and the products they offer.

  • Collingwoods

    Promotional Website

    Designed to maximize the customers understanding of the depth of knowledge of the company's staff and the wide range of products they sell and service.

  • Amys Flowers

    Online Retail

    Created to assist people in their flower buying choices. Designed to be easy to use on any device mobile, tablet or desk top.


What is your Why?


Our Why

There is such potential in business at the moment.

The flux and turmoil caused by the growth of digital message delivery have both swept away traditional and trusted media and have created new opportunities.

We are driven to provide reasonably priced website design and build solutions. We build websites that are robust, creative and help our clients to build stronger businesses. For over 15 years we have provided practical and useable solutions.

It is no accident that we are still dealing with 98% of the companies we have ever dealt with, we believe not in old fashioned service, but new fashioned service, service that means we stand out from the crowd and help other companies succeed.

From our Hamilton base we work with companies throughout New Zealand, offering them help, support and ideas.

Our 'Why' is helping people and solving their problems.

Your Why

Your business and your passion.

We often ask people ‘What do you do?’ They say, I’m just a plumber, I’m a lawyer, or I’m an engineer, but we know they are not, they are much more.

Everyone starts their business for a reason, everyone wants to do things better, faster, cheaper, in a different way. Many people start businesses because they know the way their ‘old boss’ did things was wrong and they can do it better.

Your passion is your 'Why'. Our role is to bring that passion to the forefront and use it to promote your business in an effective manner. Your ‘Why’ is the difference between you and your competitors, only you have it and you must use it to grow.

The core of what we do in building websites is understanding your ‘Why’ and using this as a way of helping you to talk to your customers effectively to bring them to your business.

If you would like to know more please call for an obligation free meeting on 0800 933 374 today.

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The What to our Why


The core of our approach to website design is to first understand your passion, and the results you want to achieve and then to work with you to get the right result.

A complete website design solution, all under one roof

We are not going to waste your time with a detailed explanation about how we design sites or the coding languages we use. Nor will we bore you with the technicalities about what web hosting is or how we set up mass emailing systems. Needless to say we employ the latest ideas about marketing and user friendly design to deliver effective solutions.

Under one roof at W3 Design we have a diverse team who work with clients to make effective websites. We have built over 1000 websites over 15 years and 5 countries including UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Spain.

Our mission is quite simply to help your business grow. We do this by providing practical and sensible solutions that have creative flair and your business aims at their core.

Call us today on 07 847 4858 to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.