I want a new website

If you are new to having your own company website, often because you are starting a new business, or have never felt you needed one until now, the process is fairly straightforward and logical, but there is an amount of work to be done. We work with you and are guided by your passion and knowledge of your industry. We bring the skills and experience of structure, flow and marketing to your project to create an effective website.

Let’s start with Why

For over 15 years of helping customers to build websites the first question we ask is ‘Why do you want a website?’ This is a fundamental question, because, if you understand why you need a website for your business, the rest of the process becomes more orderly and easier to work through. Once you understand your reasons for needing a website it allows us to work with you to focus the various sections (pages) of the site to deliver your message in the right way to your target market.

Finding your Why is the core of what we do.

Decide on Who
You need to have a clear idea about who your target market are, where they live, how they think and what motivated them to come to your website. If you think back to the home page of our site, you were presented three options; I want a new website, I need to replace my website and I want to sell online. This is because our target market falls into one of these three areas, so by presenting the right questions it allows us (you) to move into the website and start reading about how we can help.

We can help you to gain clarity and focus on the structure of your website.

Work on What
The next decision is the ‘what’. What are you going to tell your target market, or should we say, what do your target market need to know in order to make the buying decision to choose you? There will be things they think they want and things they don’t even know they need within what you offer. Presenting information clearly is essential. Analysing any competitors’ websites and working out what they are doing right and wrong is a part of this process.

Your website will not live in isolation, people will read two or three websites before they choose who to contact, and you need to make it easy for them to see that you are the right company to come to.

Helping you with your structure is part of our process of working with clients.

Figure out How
Now the work begins. You need to evaluate who within your organisation is going to prepare the material for the website, what images and video are needed and start to gather them together. At this stage it is important to stay focused and have a plan. We can help with as much or as little of the content creation as you need. We have local photographers we can recommend and we can write content (based on your guidance) for you if you feel that this is not something you want to do.

As the website grows, we are with you to help you create effective content.

Take action now
Call us now to arrange a cost free, no obligation meeting. Together we can examine your ideas, throw around ideas and work out a solution based on your needs and budget. Whilst we are talking about money, we are not suppliers of super cheap websites, there are many places you can go to get a cheap site. We provide a quality service that helps you to build a strong business. It is no accident that we are still dealing with almost every customer we have ever dealt with. To help with cash flow we are also able to offer payment terms to spread the investment in your website over six or nine months if you wish.

The next stage is to talk. Don't worry, we don't bite, neither do we charge for our first meeting and discussion. We use it to understand your why and how we can help you to reach your aims and goals. Please call now to arrange an obligation free meeting.

Promotional Websites

As part of your digital marketing activity we can build you an effective website to promote your company to your target market.



We have a large amount of experience in helping clients to establish and run successful online shops and Ecommerce platforms.