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"Hi Guys!
I just wanted to give some feedback from my partners recent experience ordering online. We popped in to your shop front unannounced back in February and received the most beautiful arrangement of flowers that were made so quickly on the spot. We made sure to keep you in mind for the next time we we r in the country. We have now moved back here from Australia and my partner has just purchased flowers to be delivered to his mother in Rotatuna. He ordered online via his mobile and there was no swearing but instead "i do believe that Amys flowers is the best" ( which means he will definatly use it again)so obviously your mobile website was money well spent. He is a complete technaphobe, so for him to be able to order so quickly and easily is music to my ears! I had a quick glance over his shoulder and from what i can see your mobile sight is fantastic. We usually use interflora, they do not have a user friendly site at all. So i just want to thankyou for having such exceptional services that even a man can use."

From a client of Amy's Flowers
Amy's Flowers
"We couldn't be happier with the look and feel of the site Tony, Steve and the team at W3 have built for us. We needed a site that was equally effective across mobile and desktop platforms, and the work of the team at W3 has exceeded our expectations. From the initial consultation, through the design and build phase, to going live and then the 1 month follow-up call, it has been a pleasure to work with such a professional outfit. Now that the site is up and running, we are particularly impressed with how easy it is for us to change most aspects of the site ourselves, from adding content, images and documents to existing pages, and also creating new pages."
Ron and Paul Flood
Ron Flood & Associates
"The new site is a huge improvement over what we have had. Apart from the updated style, the old site was a fixed-width. Having the site presentation adapt to its environment makes the difference between it being usable and not for some devices.

On the old site, we had to ask others to edit it. This gets quite expensive, but is also difficult, with the intent sometimes being lost on the way. Being able to edit the site ourselves, and add new images, change details and so on will be a big benefit. We might actually get the site up to date!"

Rod Yeoman BArch BAS BSocSc CALT
Senior Architectural Technician
Stiles and Hooker
"Loving the new website and its many cool features. Please thank everyone involved from me."
Russ Brennan
IT Desktop Solutions Limited
"A major retail store from the Base needed some data cable repaired. They Googled and got us at No#3. When asked if they’d called No#1 & 2 they said no, our site presented to them best and called us. Credit where it is due... Thank you W3."
Tony Bekx
Managing Director / Technical Sales
Smart Wired
"I have just been changing a couple of things on my website, and had a good look at it again. You know what?... I still love my website - It gives the message, and creates the style that I like and I know it drives the best people to contact me. Just want to say thank you - there is so much of you within my site :)"
Dorothy Oliver
Life Is Short
"Just wanted to let you know how excited I am about your website program. Finally an easy to use, self explanatory program, that makes sense. I wish we had come to you initially, instead of setting up one of those, so called, free sites, with their lack of photo file capacity and photo buckets etc., needless to say, at no stage with your program, have I felt like throwing my computer through the office window. I'm now actually enjoying having a website, and we both know Tony if I can use it, anyone can. Thanks heaps."
Tracey Curry
Aratoro Appaloosas