Broken Links - Website Maintenance Advice

Broken Links - Website Maintenance Advice

Many of us put links to external websites from our own sites. These may be to suppliers for detailed information or to complementary services our visitors might find useful. The trouble is that unless we check these links regularly, we can end up with broken links as the sites we are pointing at change from time to time. This is especially true if a link is direct to a product PDF or information page.

To save on effort, there are various link checker websites that use software to find links on your site and check they still lead to a valid, deliverable page. This can save you hours of searching your own site and clicking on links to check them manually.

It is a good idea to check all external links from your site at least every other month to make sure that you are not giving your visitors a bad experience. If they click on a broken link their trust in your ability is reduced. You need to remember that one of the primary roles of your website is to build confidence in your company.

As part of our Website Angels service we can perform these and other maintenance tasks on your website to save you having to do it yourself. We can do a link check report and correct any errors, advising you along the way of what we are doing.