Domain Names

One of the cornerstone services we offer at W3 is that of Domain Name Management. Every website has a domain name to identify it and these names need to be renewed either every year or every few years.

Under this service we manage the name and ensure that it doesn’t expire and that you never lose control of it.

There is a small annual charge for renewing the domain name, like the rego on your car, and at all times the domain name is registered in your company or private name and belongs to you . You can if you wish manage your own domain name, a few of our clients do. If you are self-managing we still take an interest to ensure you don’t forget to renew the name or lose it.

If you have your web hosting with W3 we do not charge for your primary domain name, that is included, but if you have other names there is a cost involved.

If you would like to discuss your domain names or any other aspect of your website or marketing please call the W3 office.