iDistribute - Supporting your distributors and end users

iDistribute - Supporting your distributors and end users

You have developed a strong business by working with a network of re-sellers for the product you import. You do not want to destroy this relationship by selling direct to the public (end user), but you know you need to put product information online for them to access. This is where iDistribute can help!

iDistribute is designed to allow you to do just that. It is packed with features that will both help you promote your products, recruit new re-sellers and give the public information about your products to stimulate them to contact your dealers, and stimulate sales.

  • Opening Page with Image Rotator and Images Boxes
  • Products Database
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Forms Downloads Section
  • About Us Page – with staff gallery
  • Become a Dealer/Re-seller Page
  • Distributors / Re-sellers Directory Page
  • Contact Page with Location
  • Terms and Conditions Page
  • News System
  • Business Card Design / Redesign

Additional functions can include a login area for distributors to either order or buy the product, or to access high resolution marketing arterial or detailed product information and technical information.

If you import product and need an effective solution to support your dealers and provide end users with information iDistribute will be a very powerful marketing tool for you.

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