Mass Emailing DIY

Mass Emailing DIY

If used correctly, Mass Emailing your customers and potential customers is a very effective marketing tool. If you get it wrong, you risk losing customers and alienating potential business.

Do’s N Don’ts

These are things to bear in mind.


Make it interesting
You need a good headline that attracts the eye and then solid content that is interesting to read and introduces new concepts to the reader.

Make it relevant
What is in it for THEM? If your potential client reads this, what will they gain, how is it going to help them in their life?

Do it regularly
Plan your emails a year in advance. Work out subjects that will be relevant at the time they are read, break your services down into bite sized chunks and allocate time to create your content, typeset your email and manage the results.


Send too much
Keep it short, to the point and with a relevant image or video clip.

Send too little
Make sure the subject is covered effectively, but don’t be too brief.

Just copy other stuff
Make your content your own. There is no point just copying something you read somewhere else on the Internet; your customer may also have read it. Also, there are copyright issues about stealing other people's work. But most importantly, you need to talk to your customer with your voice, so they hear you when they read the items.

Be bland
If it is blah blah blah they will turn off and delete your message. If you write something people like, they will look forward to the next one you send.

Mass Emailing is a marketing activity that has to be done correctly. You need to plan your messages as part of your marketing planning and then execute the plan effectively.

It takes time; it isn’t easy, but, it is a very effective way of educating your customers to your way of thinking, giving them a little more knowledge about your business and potentially sell to them.

To Sell or Not To Sell

If you have an online shop the only reason you will be mass emailing your customer is to sell directly to them, to get them to click the link and buy direct. If you have a promotional website you need to be less obvious. You need to educate people as to the advantages of what you do to plant a seed in their head that you are the one to call. You should use overt selling messages sparingly as you want to get and keep your customers’ interest.

Link Back To Your Website

One way of keeping the item that the person sees in their inbox short is to have the opening headline and hook paragraph in the email and link this back to your website like this item has done (if you are reading this as a result of being on our mailing list).

Getting people to your website is essential. Once they are there, they will browse other parts of the site as well.

As a company, we make use of mass email to allow us to keep contact with clients on a regular basis. If you need help or support in doing mass emails, please call us, we can do it for you.


Mass email is effective, but don’t under or over do it. We have all had companies send us junk, even if we want their info they send too much or it is badly done, or they bombard us with too many emails. Think about what your customer might be interested to read about not just what you want to tell them.