Newsletters – Still relevant?

Newsletters – Still relevant?

There has been a growth of mass marketing ‘instant’ communications methods such as Instagram, Snap Chat and the like, but there is still a place for the well-written newsletter. Whether it is in the form of a physical newsletter or a mass email, the newsletter has a place in almost every companies marketing tool chest.

The aim for your newsletters is ultimately sales, but remember that people do not want to be ‘sold to’ they want to ‘Buy’. These two concepts are related to different mindsets.

The modern theories of marketing relate to education and knowledge. If you inform and educate people about what you do and the advantages you offer in a non-threatening way, then consumers will choose to do business from a position of understanding.
Let’s cut to the chase, theories are all well and good, but if you accept it and want to create effective newsletters, how do you go about it?

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