Videos on your website

Videos on your website

Way back in 1990 I made my living writing, scripting, producing and editing promotional videos for companies. Back in the olden days we would then transfer the video to VHS tape and hand deliver to our client’s customers. It was phenomenally successful as a marketing tool as not many people had a player in the office, so they would take the tape home and watch it in the comfort of the living room, away from the distractions of the office. This improved the impact of the video.

Fast forward to now, there is a growing trend to put videos onto websites, as links in emails, on Facebook feeds and many other sources of information that your customers might be using. Add to this the fact that technology in 2016 makes the equipment that we used in 1990 look like a pen and paper based cartoon, and companies have never before had such an important marketing tool so readily available for them to use.

As many people let themselves believe they are time poor, need the fastest solution, video then becomes an effective marketing tool. By producing a video that portrays your product or service in a simple, easy to understand way you can convert the potential customer and influence their decision to buy from you.

We have recently been working with clients to help them add video to their websites. The first is Specialized, who sell a range of exterior cladding and plaster systems. Their video is designed to show the passion and development work that has been put into developing some very effective Kiwi products.

The second video is on They created this video to draw the visitor into the timeless natural world that inspired the creation of their health products. The video is gentle and informative, it leads the viewer to a greater understanding of the ‘why’ of Malcolm Harker and allows them to understand the story behind the business.

There are very few companies that would not benefit from having a video on their website. It is a fact from Google that if you have a video on the home page of your website, you are 50 times more likely to be contacted by a visitor than if you don’t. But there should be a warning attached to this, and that is that it must be a good video.

Badly made home videos do not sell professional products.

Like everything else to do with your marketing for your company, think twice, do once. So, where do you start if you want a video on your website?

If you are selling the products of a manufacturer they will often have used good-quality videos to demonstrate that product, which you can then use in turn on your website with your customers. A few things to look out for in these videos include: Is the video of the right quality? Is the video in English or the language of your chosen target market?

One hybrid solution between making your own videos and using supplied videos, can be to get the raw footage from the supplier and get this edited into the video to suit your needs. This will reduce the costs and technicalities of filming, but will limit a little what you can do as you won’t have the footage to do everything you think you want to. W3 can help you with this, please call us for more information.

Another way to make a video is to do it yourself. Please, don’t do it yourself. Please, unless you really, really, really know what you are doing, don’t do it yourself. That plea was repeated because we have seen so many bad videos on websites, as probably have you. We want to stop you from making the mistakes others have made. Unless you have made a video before, and understand about delivering the message, scripting, storyboarding, planning and final production of a quality product (video) then it is unlikely that you will self-produce a video that will enhance your marketing effort.

Getting a professional video company involved in making your video is similar to the decision you made when you asked W3 to make your website. It makes sense and should be seen as an investment. This is because professional video makers know how to deliver your message effectively and how to produce a professional video that enhances the message and makes your company and products look good.

W3 are able to help you in the initial stages of planning the video with regards to working with you to narrow down why you want a video and what aspect of your business it is going to focus on. We can help with drafting scripts, planning what you are going to record and consider the overall structure. Once the initial ideas are established we bring in the video company to work on the final production.

On an Internet where potential customers are only one ‘back’ click away from leaving your site and going to your competitors’ pages, delivering your message in a clear and easy to understand way is very important. An effectively thought out and planned video can give you the edge over your competitors. If you would like to know more about how we can help you with adding video to your website or using it as part of your marketing strategy, please call us today.