Website Reboot

Website Reboot

Your website should be one of the cornerstones of your company marketing activity. It should be up to date with regards to the products and services you offer; it should feature the latest customer testimonials and be an asset to your business.

The trouble is that sometimes business gets hectic and you don’t have the time to make changes to the website when they are needed, and then you mean to make changes, but never get around to it. It is a downward spiral toward the ‘Too Hard Basket’ so you end up, with the best will in the world, with content you want to change, but never get round to doing.

So your site is out of date, you are feeling guilty about this, what do you do?

STOP – No more excuses – Five Steps to Reboot your Site

It is time to regain control and take a few simple actions every month to ensure your site is up to date.

Step one - You are busy! Accept you cannot do it all, instantly Accept the fact your site needs work. Like home maintenance, you can’t do it all in one day. You need to identify the most important areas that you should work on first. These should be (in order) Contact Information, Products/Services, Staff, Testimonials, Other Areas.

Step two – Regular activity Now that you have worked out what needs to be done; you need to do it. Plan for your changes and allocate some time each week (it need only be half an hour). In this time all you do is look after the

website. Eventually, your site will be up to date and the time can be used to improve and develop its effectiveness as a marketing tool. As with all aspects of your site, please do not hesitate to call us for help and advice.

Step three – Look over the fence Always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. This only need take 5 minutes a week, but you need to be aware of how people are also talking to your potential clients.

Step four – Keep it up Like anything, you need to keep the momentum up. The time you allocate each week cannot be eroded by ‘life’, that is why you are where you are at now. Put it in your diary to remind you each week or fortnight. If you would like you can join our ‘Nagging News’. This is an email that is sent out every two weeks to remind you to work on your site. It is a free service to try to keep your website in mind. If you want to join the list, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Nag Me!’ and we will set it up. It is all done through MailChimp, so you can unsubscribe from it at any time.

By doing small things regularly, you will be able to keep your site up to date and effective.

Step five – REBOOT – RETHINK! One suggestion I often make to clients if they haven’t updated their website for a while is to think about it in a radically different way. Without looking at your existing website try to imagine what kind of website potential customers for your products and services would want to see should they be on your site. We did this exercise ourselves two years ago when we felt it was time to revamp our W3 website, which has meant that our site is radically different to other companies in our industry.

By working out why people are coming to the site, and what they want to know, you can revitalise your site in a more customer focused way. You will find customers react positively if you make it easy for them to find out information. We are happy to help you with this process if you need guidance.

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