I need to redesign my website

Can we ask why you are looking elsewhere?
If you have an existing website and a relationship with another website company, why are you looking to move? Don’t get us wrong, we are happy to be offered the chance to give you an alternative solution, and we know we will be able to help you, but what is causing you to want to move away from them? One of the key things to bear in mind when dealing with us is that we are not your old web company, we do not have any knowledge of your dealings with them and we will do things in a different way to them. Our aim is to help you to develop your business by providing you with an effective website.

At W3 Design we still work with almost every customer we have ever worked with throughout our more than 10 years in business, so we hope you like long, stable and productive working relationships.

What didn’t you like?
What part of your dealings with your current supplier made you feel let down? We need to understand your expectations so we know if we are able to deliver what you feel the others could not. Also, did they do anything well that you wish us to do for you? Managing expectations is essential if the transition from your old company to W3 is going to run smoothly and be a pleasant experience.

What do you want to achieve now?
Forgetting about how you feel about the old company (we are not them), what do you want to achieve? What is the website, once revised, going to do to help your business? It might help if you read the ‘I want a new website’ page to allow you to understand how we approach a project. We really do do things differently.

Clarifying the purpose of your website, and how this will help you to achieve your business goals is essential.

Who is in control?
Do you know if you own your own domain or is it part of a package you signed up for? What term is left on your contract with your current supplier? We find the notion of having contracts with customers interesting. We believe in providing new fashioned services that will engage customers and help them to achieve their goals. As we become part of your team, your trusted advisors, we don’t need a contract to force you to stay with us, our work and success is our contract to you.

Sometimes we have to offer a web rescue service, our clients don’t know who owns what or even if they are able to move from their current supplier. We work with them through the process and help to give them back their freedom of choice and control of their own company website.

What next?
As we approach any project, new or replacement, there is the same need to understand your company and the first part is to have a meeting to discuss your needs and aims. This meeting is free of charge and obligation, and allows both of us to decide if we want to work together. Our aim is to set up a long term relationship with you. Beyond building websites we offer a raft of other marketing services to allow us to help you in many ways, but we can talk about those when we meet. Please call now to arrange a meeting either at W3 HQ or onsite at your location.

Promotional Websites

As part of your digital marketing activity we can build you an effective website to promote your company to your target market.



We have a large amount of experience in helping clients to establish and run successful online shops and Ecommerce platforms.