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We work with many computer repair companies and graphic design companies who over the years have ‘done’ websites for clients, but as it was not the core of what they do they have never felt that they were serving their customers' best interests. Many want to stop providing these services, but feel loyal to their clients and don’t want to let them down.

We can help

We can take over the management of these websites and help you step back from providing this service to them. As we only build websites, we will not try to steal their graphical design work from you, we respect this existing relationship, nor will we try to fix their computers as we simply do not have the skills to do this, we are website designers.


Working with computer companies
Until very recently some customers have seen website design as a computer function. That is why many computer repair companies have a stable of clients for whom they have designed websites and manage them on a day to day basis with regards to email.

Now their clients need more complex websites, online shops and more marketing support. Computer companies are faced with two choices, bite the bullet and get in-house staff to provide this service, or partner with a supplier who can help their customers. The second option is where W3 Design steps in.

We can work with you and your customers to provide a high quality service to ensure they are well looked after, which strengthens your relationship with them. Additionally for new clients we pay a finder’s fee for referrals.

Working with graphic designers
Like you, we love our clients and respect their loyalty. As a graphic designer you know your core skills but when it comes to websites it can become very complex. You will often face a situation where the client needs a more complex site than you can provide, then there is all the support of hosting and email.

We work with several graphic designers to provide website services to their clients. This is done in full collaboration with the graphic designer and we ensure any graphical work to be done is still done by them. We do have graphic designers working in house, but we are not out to take over your clients completely, unless you want this to happen. In fact, in some cases our staff become outsourced resources that our graphic designer colleagues can call on for overflow of work, or just a fresh set of eyes.

Working with website companies
If you are looking to leave the industry, but feel that you both owe your loyal customers the responsibility of passing them onto someone who will care, but also know that your client list has financial value, then we need to talk.

We work with you to negotiate a fair price for your client list, often with payments lasting up to three years to give you an income stream. We then work with you to facilitate a smooth transition to our handling of your former clients.

We are a good company and this allows you to step back from your activities in the web industry and go on with your new plans safe in the knowledge that your customers are being looked after, and that you have been paid a fair price for your client list.


Let’s talk

If you think that we may be able to help you to better help your clients it is probably a good idea to have a chat. Please feel free to give us a call 0800 933 374 so we can understand what you want to do and so we can work out ways to help you.