I want to sell online

If you think that you are going to set up an online shop and then a week later have an ecommerce platform that will simply print money for no further work, please stop reading this page (and this website) and contact one of the other website designers you have been considering.

But, if you realise that having an online shop is hard work, as much hard work as having a bricks and mortar shop, and is an on-going process where you will be actively involved in the growth of a living, breathing entity, then we want to work with you.

It is not easy

It has NEVER been easy to make your ecommerce website a success. As an analogy, think about how many rock bands make it to become superstars. We hear about the successes and their excesses, but we don’t hear about the literally 1000’s of bands that never made it, some were probably even musically more interesting than those that make it to super stardom. The difference is luck, heart and soul.

With your online shop you need to be actively involved in it, fine tuning it, watching any competitors, making sure your customers are happy and asking how you can make your site better for the customers.

We have a number of customers who will happily tell you about their struggle before their success and their ongoing struggle now they are successful.

We have worked with many companies and know the pitfalls that people step into. Our role is to stop you falling into the same issues we know that others have encountered. Before you launch into your online shop focusing on what you are going to sell, can we ask you to look at it differently?

Let’s get paid

The role of your online shop is to be Win-Win, the customer wins because they have purchased the goods they desire at a price they are prepared to pay and you win because you make the profit level you wish to make for the goods you have sold.

Getting paid is one aspect that website companies often only talk about when they have your contract signed. We are not talking about how you will pay us, that we discuss upfront and in detail, we are talking about your customers paying you.

There are many different ‘Payment Gateways’ (get used to people using new ways to describe things as you start to work in the digital world). In a nut shell these are different services you can use to allow your customers to give you money.

Bank Transfer – This is where you send them your details and they put the money in your bank. When you see the payment, you send the goods.
Credit Card – People whip out their card, use the system, you are notified they have paid and you send out the goods.

Each system has its pros and cons, each has charges associated with the transaction (the cost to collect the money), so you need to factor these into the calculations of your pricing.

We are able to work with you to ensure you get paid in the right way by your customers.

Shipping to customers

This is perhaps the main area that people setting up to conduct sales online put the least thought, but it is often the single most important area of a website.

You need to totally understand what the options are for shipping your products, are there legal limitations on how it can be sent? Is it an odd shape (which affects shipping)? Does it have a limited shelf life when in transit? All these things need to be considered.

Using our experience of the many different ways that clients have used to calculate shipping we can help you to plan this essential aspect of your shop.

Let’s get some customers

‘Build it and they will come’ is not an effective marketing strategy. We are able to work with you to help you understand how to actively promote your website. We have a sister company called ‘Website Angels’ through which we work with clients on active, conscious marketing.

We can build you a fantastic, fully functional online shop and we can help you to get customers to visit your website and buy. If you would like to know more, please call for an obligation free meeting.

Promotional Websites

As part of your digital marketing activity we can build you an effective website to promote your company to your target market.



We have a large amount of experience in helping clients to establish and run successful online shops and Ecommerce platforms.